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A podcast & blog with an unquenchable lust for rabbit holes, novelty and open-minded inquiry. Join us as we dig beyond the status quo! Hosted by Michael Phillip EST. 12/21/2012 in Milwaukee.

Some parting, soap boxy thoughts on what this show has taught me, and details on our new show, Third Eye Drops!


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Evan Snyder (Skytree) makes psychedelic space jams and co-hosts The Future Fossils podcast.

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My friend, Nick Hammond is an artist, traveler and lover-maker to life's mysteries.

Nick's Website

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Tommy Vandervort is a former Alderman, Philosopher and the founder of the Enlightened Brewing Company.

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In addition to being debonair and a brain-melting conversationalist, Michael Garfield is an Austin-based writer, speaker, musician and visionary artist.  

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Nic Gregoriades is a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belt, founder of the Jiu-Jitsu brotherhood, entrepreneur, world-traveler, meditator and psychonaut. He’s hosted several podcasts, including his latest, Digital Communion.

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Cody Hargreaves, known online as "Excessive Profanity" went from casting on Twitch for fun to making it his full time job in under a year. He's also lived on several continents including Asia, Europe and Australia. 

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Daniele Bolelli is an Italian-born writer, martial artist, university professor, and podcaster. He is the author of several books including On the Warrior's Path, Create Your Own Religion and his latest, Not Afraid.


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Yunrou (formerly known as Arthur Rosenfeld) is a Taoist monk, author and martial artist. His latest book, YIN a Love Story is slated for a simultaneous release in the U.S. and China on November 1st.

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Liam Wilson and Chris de Cinque are two of the most talented, handsome, well-spoken, well-read sons of bitches that I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with. We joined forces for a lovely live chat on twitch a couple of weeks back and oh, goody am I excited to finally share it with you.


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