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David W. Mathisen's latest work, The Undying Stars dances comfortably where traditional historians wouldn't dare tread. The book ties together ancient megalithic structures with star myths and a holographic, worldview that's oddly similar to what modern science is finding.

Still not sexy enough? The Undying Stars also argues that this ancient wisdom was deliberately suppressed by forces who took over the Roman empire, which launched a ruthless campaign to eradicate this esoteric system of knowledge.

We also talk about dolphins.

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Tom Campbell has had an impressive career in applied physics. He has worked in military intelligence, he has reverse-engineered the weapons technology of rival governments, he has worked in national missile defense, even on huge engineering projects for NASA— impressive stuff. 


But what makes Tom an even more interesting and rare specimen is that he has also spent three decades researching the nature of consciousness and reality. He has done so by remaining open-minded about topics that many scientists and snopes frequenters would greet only with a scoff and a pompous finger wave— Out of body experiences, altered states of consciousness, the statistically measurable power of intent and a bunch of other stuff that sounds like it’s straight out of an episode of FRINGE. 


Tom has chronicled has his experiences, findings and anecdotes in a three-part series of books- My Big Toe (Theory of Everything).


Spoiler- the sum total of Tom’s research can be summed up by saying that "reality" as we know it is basically a simulation. 


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Randall finishes the brain melting he started in the second part of our conversation. Head to MidwestReal.net for the full write-up!

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Every night we go to bed taking it for granted that tomorrow will come. Worst case scenario, our heart will give out and we won't wake up.

But, what if that wasn't the worst case scenario?

As we speak, massive chunks of instant extinction are flying by the vessel we inhabit at preposterous speeds. If one of them crosses the earth's path, it could easily be game over for the human race.

As long as we've been aware of that inconvenient fact, it's been good for precisely one thing- apathy. That's because the ability to do anything about it was completely absent. Well, that's not the case anymore. We do have the technology and intelligence to do something about it. However, thus far, we've shown a complete and total lack of will to even discuss it seriously.

What will it take to pay attention? A 9/11 scale tragedy? A Hiroshima scale tragedy? Worse? Unfortunately when you're talking about asteroids, all are very possible.

If you know anything about my guest on this show, Randall Carlson, it's probably because he's become a living library of brain melting knowledge. He's as an architect, master builder, Free Mason, globe trekking scholar, a geology and history enthusiast and many other things. Yet, of everything he's learned, there's clearly one matter of paramount importance- The ancients left of clues about world-wrecking cataclysms and it's just a matter of time until history repeats itself. That is, unless we do something about it.

As sprawling and deep as this conversation with Randall is, it only scratches the surface of what's available over at Sacred Geometry International. There's literally hundreds of hours of mind blasting information at SGI, much of it free.

For a full write up and links head to midwestreal.net

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Liam Wilson is best known for playing bass in the spastic, technical, AMAZING progressive metal mainstay, Dillinger Escape Plan. If you're a fan of heavy music and you somehow haven't heard of them over the course of the last 15 or so years, I don't even know what to say. 

If you're not so much into the metal, fear not, for this man is likely the opposite of what comes to mind when you imagine a guy with millions of head bangs under his belt. He's a voracious reader, a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation, a yogi, a psychonaut, a student of many philosophies, and a bunch of other things I can guarantee he'd never be comfortable calling himself. 

Liam and I spent very little time hovering around the surface in this conversation. In fact, I think Liam might have been a little bit excited to be on a show that welcomes fare beyond his bass rig.

Go give my new friend (and I do mean that) Liam some love on Twitter, Facebook and on some of his articles over at Talkhouse. If you want to see what his band is up to, head to their site!

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Ancient languages like Hebrew had a numerical values embedded into every character. This added levels of meaning and allegory to the bible that gave people like Sir Isaac Newton and many other scholars a life-long headache.

But, numerical value is totally absent from the English language... right?

I don't know.

But, Author and researcher Marty Leeds has some pretty god damn interesting thoughts, videos and books that argue for it.

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I spoke with Closure in Moscow about their highly intelligent, psychedelic, satyrically lased new masterpiece of a record, Pink Lemonade. Go buy it right now on iTunes or your local record store. 

See the full article at Midwest Real.

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People are evil, violent, greedy, hopeless bastards.  Even as a prepubescent flesh ball that would experience withdrawal symptoms if you took away his Super Nintendo controller for more than five seconds, I knew that.  How could I not?  Fear of the “bad guys” was embedded into roughly 99.9% of the mega-tons of media I consumed on a daily basis.  As a tyke I'd often lie in bed at night fearing a who’s who of boogie men with all manner of otherworldly weaponry that I could never hope to defeat.  But, thankfully, I somehow managed to survive the onslaught of demonic hordes that plagued my mind, the news, movies and the games I so eagerly devoured. I'd even argue that some of it made me a better person.   

More recently, from firsthand evidence, I've learned that as scary as the world can be, it’s actually a pretty awesome, dare I say, cooperative place.  I buy shit on Craigslist. I get rides from Uber drivers. And you know what?  I’ve never once been shanked, scammed or raped by a devil worshipper masquerading as a guy with speakers for sale. In fact, it seems like the best things humans can do are usually accomplished collectively.  Thankfully, we live in an era where we actually have the ability to supercharge our collective efforts through open-source, or consensus based platforms.  Just look the wild power and success of media like Twitter, Reddit, Bitcoin and crowd-funding.  Yet, even these vessels would be truly toothless and impossible without mass participation and trust.  

Our guest on this episode, Jeffery Tucker has been labeled a lot of things- Economist, Libertarian, Anarchist, Entrepreneur, Publisher, Bitcoin expert, the list truly goes on.  However, I’ve found that rather than putting him in a ideological box, it's more accurate to call him a human that trusts other humans, despite all the fear-mongering and propaganda that reverberates throughout the mainstream discourse.  Though he and I may not agree on every philosophical point, we agree on the most important thing.  We’re all in this together and if we’re going to make this exponentially more interconnected world harmonious, we’re sure as hell going to need to trust one another. 


For more on Jeffrey, you can follow him on Twitter, or visit his latest venture, liberty.me 

You can also say hi, to my well-read, Bitcoin-mongering co-host Will Pangman on Twitter!

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